Chapter 4 - Gifts

"Where should we head now Young master?" Sebastian asked.

"I was planning to actually visit Calle M group but I decided postpone and go there next week. I don't know about the Lilac commercial ground. It seems too extravagant. I don't think I'll fit in there.

"No Mr. Young it is yours so it should not matter. All those wealthy people coming there are nothing compared to you."

"Nevermind that, I'm planning to go to the mall and buy a gift for my friend since her birthday is coming up. When she visited me last time at the hospital, she didn't mentioned her birthday. I think she's just not saying anything to me because she thinks I'll spend my money from tutoring to buy her a gift again."

Should we come with you inside the mall and accompany you?–" "No I'll just go by myself, you guys bring attract to much attention."

"Okay then."

"You can just drop me here then. You guys go back alreqdy since I'll be commuting from here on."

Sebastian and the other guards then drove off.

"I just hope that no one recognize me here. I'm sure Nick and the others aren't here today the same time as me, right?haha."

While Grey was entering the mall, he then saw his friends inside coming close to him. 

"Eeehh! Wha..Wha..What are you! Eeehk? Why are you guys here?" Grey stuteredly asked.

" Grey did you just got off from that roll's royce?" Nick suddenly asked.

"Oh shit. Why is the timing this bad. I just said that no one should see me here."Grey murmured to himself.

"Greeey? Why were you there just now? You know you can't escape this situation now."Alex added.

"Ah look a it's your favorite actress Lisa!– "What?Where?"

"Hehe"Grey replied as he was walking slowly away.

He was then caught up by Philip."Where do you think you're going? You can't avoid us. Answer the question. You know you can't escape us. Hahaha."he said with a sinister smile.

"Okay. Okay!"

Grey then explained the situation. He didn't want to lie to his friends so he told them about how he was visited by his butler and was gifted by his grandfather companies and a bank card that has 15 billion dollars.

All of them were shocked by this sudden confession.

"Ha ha," Alex said in a very gloomy manner as he sit on a bench."So you're now a super rich guy huh? I can't believe this. I'm somewhat jealous but extremely happy for you."

"Yeah I feel happy for this news too. You don't have to stress yourself from tutoring from now on."Kyle said

They all felt relieved of this news for their precious friend since now he is a wealthy guy.

"Actually, I don't even like it since it just attract too much attention. So I need you guys to not say this matter out loud okay? I'm not hiding it or anything it's just that it will just stress me out from people who will keep on bugging me about this. I also don't want my current lifestyle to change suddenly like this." Grey said.

All of them nodded.

"I'm jealous haha."

"Enough about that, are you all here to buy Kath her gifts for her birthday. Her birthday's tomorrow already and all of us still has no gift bought for her." Grey said.

"I actually already bought here a gift. I bought it about a couple of weeks ago." Nick replied.

Alex then added," Eh you already did? So why are youbhere then?"

"I'm just here to hang out with you guys. Is it bad to do that.."

"Hahaha, okay then let's just get on with it."

As they were walking around, Alex asked,"What will you guys be buying for her? "

"Let's see, how about a bag?"Philip asked.

"I think she's been wanting to buy that Gadino bag from Hilde Palladino's collection." Kyle answered softly.

"I bought here something different actually. You guys can buy it. I think it still available." Nick said.

"Ow yeah, I remembered she always mentioned that to me whenever we go out." Grey said.

They then headed to the Gadino store.

"We're gonna gift her the bag then." Alex said with a lively voice.

"I think I'll give her something else other than that."Grey replied.

"Are you sure? I'm gonna buy her a different bag then. Alex's gonna buy that Gadino bag and Philip is going to buy a shoes for her.",Kyle said.

"I still don't know. I'll think of something later. Let's buy your gifts first then."

After walking for a couple of hours inside the mall something caught Grey's eyes attention. It was a rose-gold plated necklace spirit pendant. It was just the right gift he could ever think of giving her.

"I know what I'm giving her!", Grey said with a bright smile on his face.

They walked inside the store. As soon as they came inside a beautiful lady then comes to greet them. Her name was Lily Dale, a gorgeous girl that is working part time in the store. She was very pleasing with her costumers no matter how they would look. 

"Hello sir, how may I help you?"

Grey then said" Can you bring out the rose-gold plated necklace please! The one with the spirit pendant."

"Okay sir wait just for a moment. she took the box holding the necklace out."Sir, this necklace is a limited edition that was only released last week. There are almost a thousand pair of these and more than half are already sold. It cost about 12,000 dollars."

Lily then asked if he was going to buy the piece. It didn't actually matter to her even if he were to look poor, she would still give the same amount of courtesy and service to any customer who comes to their store.

Grey nodded and then brought out his card.

Lily then just stood there as she saw Grey taking out the premium black card.  She was surprised to see something rare like this because she didn't expect something like this could be owned by this oddly normal looking person. She never thought that someone as rich as Grey would casually stroll the mall wearing casual clothes. She then came back to her senses and was already giving service to a person that owns a premium black card holder which was known to have be rare since the minimum amount it can hold is only one billion dollar.

After paying for the necklace, Lily bowed down to them as they were leaving the store. That was the most pleasant experience they had when buying expensive stuff without getting looked down.

"You know that lady was pretty great, she was really fitting in that kind of business look. She was gorgeous, I couldn't get my eyes off her when we were inside." Alex said.

"Haha me too. And she's also pretty nice too you know. She has a good personality." Grey replied.

"Do you guys have biught already what you need?"Nick asked.

"I think we're all finished here."Alex replied.

"Wait." Philip loudly said.

"What is it Phil? Do you have anything else to buy?"

"Uhm yeah, my girlfriend asked me to buy her some strawberry tarts on iur way back."

"Strawberry tarts? Isn't that what Kath always eat whenever we all go out?" Grey said.

"Yeah she always order about 2 or 3 plates of it hahaha."

As they were about to go someone suddenly asked.

"Wait are we missing someone?"Grey said.

"Hmm, I think we're all here. –"Phil answered.

" No there is supposed to be five of us where is the other one?"he replied.

"Hey guys"–kyle ran towards the others –"why did you left me? I told you that I'm just gonna head to the toilet,right?"

"Ow yeah I forgot." Alex answered as he laughed it off.

They all then went to the cafe where the famous strawberry tarts can be bought.

When they entered the cafe they saw Kath and her friends eating there at the corner. 

"Look there's Kath. Everybody hide!" Kyle said.

"Oh come on why are they here? Just buy the tarts and let's get out of here dast." Alex said abruptly.

Phil and Grey then went to the counter and ordered some tarts while the others were waiting outside as to not be seen by Kath and her friends.

"Okay now we're done shopping let's go back to the dorm!" Nick then said with a happy smile.

They then happily went back to the university while eating the tarts that Grey bought. They called a cab and went off.

When they got back to the university. Phil then went out swiftly. 

"I'll be delivering this first to my girlfriend, you guys can go ahead." Phil said as he ran towards the girl's dormitory.

The other guys then headed to their dorm while enjoying their tarts.

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Jasmin Diokno
There is a minor correction to be done typografical may be but the story tells us that the main character Grey Young wanted less attention to his rich status. He wants a simple life. Living an honest life especially with his friends. The reading is good for values formation reading material,

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