Chapter 5 - Is this jealousy?

"Hey this is mine!" Kyle shouted.

"Eeh, come on let me have a bite from yours."Alex replied.

"You know that these are all the same right? We all had strawberry tarts."

"Yeah we did but yours is still plenty and I've already finished mine. Hehe"

Both Alex and Kyle continued to fight over Kyle's strawberry tart.

"Hey, hey, stop it already we're already here!" Nick then said as he barged between them.

"Niick, can you help me! This guys is such a glutton."Kyle said.

Grey then said,"Ah stop fighting, here you can have mine."

"Ahh really! Thanks!"Alex said delightedly while he munched down the strawberry tart.

They reached their dorm and entered their room swiftly. They'd walk to their room quietly so that no one will bother them for the rest of the night.

"Ah, such a –Kyle lied down – soft bed this is."

"That was such a tiring day. My legs almost gave up from all that walking." Nick said.

Grey then remembers something and asked them,"Ow right I forgot did–"

Suddenly a loud bang hitting their door were then heard. It was a rubber ball that was thrown by Reggie and his friends. Everyone whose room where near the loud sound came from, came out ofbtheir room. The hallway was then filled with many people with a matter of minutes.

"What the fuck was that?"Grey angrily said.

"I don't know. Something hit the the door."

All of them then slowly came out of their room.

"Greey! You've been gone too long." Reggie asked in a sarcastic tone."What happened to you? I've heard you've been in the hospital for the past few days?"

Alex angrily retorted,"Don't act like you know nothing you asshole! You're the one who set it all up! Grey was sent to the hospital."

"Huh. Why are you now putting the blame on me? I didn't plan all that just to merely beat up a dog.–"

"Don't you call him a dog you bastard!" Kyle angrily shouted.

"Heh, what's up with all this? Are you that thirsty for Grey's attention?" Nick laughingly retorted.

"Shut up. Why the fuck would we want his attention?" Shane replied disgutedly.

"Ow really? Then what are doing here at the west wing? Isn't your rooms at the farthest side in the east wing? So what did you come here for?" Alex then said.

None of them answered. All of their faces are bright red from all that question came barging to them.They were all left silent there while thinking of their answers. They were even more ashamed because they were many people surrounding them and they can't do anything.

"Hah. See that! You're all just attention seekers."Nick said.

"You all just keep coming here to bully Grey because you can't accept it in yourself that Grey can casually talk to Kath and you giys can't. They are even so close to each other you might mistaken them for being in a relationship."Nick added.

"Shut your mouth you fucking bastard. You Taylor's are nothing but a bunch of low class family that merely got your hands on a place in the LCG (short term for Lilac commercial grounds) and now you're acting like you're better than us." Reggie angrily replied.

"Why're you bringing that up here. You're just avoiding the facts that I have just said just now. Hahaha." Nick then replied while laughing sarcastically.

After Nick replied Alex and Kyle then fastly replied," Why are you bringing that up? How dare you call their family low class. Nick's family worked hard to obtain that area in the Lilac grounds. Not even your so called first class family got an area for your restaurant in Lilac commercial grounds.

"First your jealousy towards Grey about him getting all close with Kath made you bully him and now you're jealous about Nick's family getting their business running in LCG? Hahaha, you guys are so pitiful. Just scram already."

Nick then added,"You're just jealous of him because the girl you've been chasing for many years who keeps on rejecting to date you for a couple of times is close to Grey."

"Shut the fuck up!"John angrily replied.

Reggie was just standing there quietly as his face turn red even more. Shane and the other were deeply humiliated.

Grey was silently laughing from all what he had heard. People around them even started to chatter. They were all secretly laughing at Reggie and his friends.

Grey ignored them and went back inside. He went to his bed and lied down as notbing is even happening.

Reggie and his friends were pissed. Their face were all even more bright red from the anger and confussion they felt.

"Hey Grey come out of here you piece of shit! Don't you fucking dare ignore us!" Shane angrily said.

Grey didn't listen to a word he had said and ignored him. Reggie was pissed even more. He was bright red from all the anger. He was pissed as to how Grey was acting because this was the first time he was ignored by him.

"Hey you basrard! I said to get the fuck out here. Are you deaf?" Shane then added.

Grey contiued to ignore them and was about to close the lights and go to sleep.

"Hey you fucking–"

"What is going on in here? Everybody go back to your rooms." Mr. Ginn, the dormitory supervisor said as he walks to where the commotion are coming from.

"It's almost past your curfew hours. Everybody move along.You people from the east wing go back to your rooms. What are you doing here causing trouble, huh? Move along!"

"This ain't over yet, you bastard just you wait,"Reggie murmed angrily as he went back to the east wing.

"Everybody go back to your rooms!"

After Reggie and his friends left everyone other than people from Grey's room went inside their rooms. Mr.Ginn then entered the room with the others following.

Mr. Ginn then asked,"Are you guys okay?"

"Yes we're fine Mr. Ginn! Thank you for your help."Nick said.

"Yes Mr.Ginn. Thank you very much. They were all pissed there and was humiliated from the other students but they kept on staying here." Kyle added.

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to do anything about what happened a couple days ago. I was having a meeting at that time."

"It's alright sir, we understand."Grey replied.

"Ow you've already discharge from the hospital Grey! That's good news."

"Yes sir, I had even rested while I was in the hospital."

"Ow okay then, the rest of you go to your bed already. Take a rest already it's already late.

"If they bothered you again just inform me or the other teachers staying at the third floor. I'll be going then, goodnight!" Mr. Ginn said as he was heading downstairs and leaving Grey and his friends.

"Good thing Mr. Ginn showed up, if he hadn't those guys would never leave us alone. I would have exploded there a few seconds later if Mr.Ginn didn't came." Alex said.

"Me too I couldn't have restrained myself from punching that chicken brain." Kyle said frustatedly.

"Haha. Me too." Nick added.

After the commotion, their other friend just came back. He just finished delivering some sweets for his girlfriend.

"What happened?" Philip asked.

The others then explained all the things that happened from the short time he was gone.

"Ugh that all happened while I was gone in that short time?. Those guys just can't stop restrain huh."

"Good thing Mr. Ginn came so the situation didn't get worse." Kyle said.

They all went to bed and took their rest. This was really a busy and stressful day for all of them. 

Few hours later it was already past midnight, someone's phone rang nonestop. It was a call coming from someone.

"Hey whose phone is that can you turn it off?" Phil slowly said.

It was Nick's phone. He was being called a couple of times by Kath. He had a dozen of missed calls.

"It was mine sorry. I've missed a ton of Kath's calls. I bet she's pissed right now for not being answered."

Philip then replied, "Call her then and ask her."

Suddenly, Kath called again he picks up the phone and answered, "Hello Kath why did call me at this time in the middle of the night? Is something wrong?"

"Is Grey there with you right now? I have been keeping on calling him but he's not answering."

Grey then suddenly barged in while Nick and Kath was talking, "Are you talking to Kath right now?"

"Yeah, she was asking me if you were with me. Hey is your phone turned off? She said she was calling you but you were not answering to her calls. I think she must be worried because your not answering." Nick said.

"Ah, I forgot my phone was off and it's already low in battery. I forgot to charge it." Grey then frustatedly replied.

"Hello Kath you don't need to worry he's right here. He said his phone was turned off that's why he didn't answered your calls." Nick added.

"Eheeeeh. Who's that your talking to Nick?" Kyle suddenly asked.

"Ah it's Kath she calling if Grey was here."Nick replied.

"Ohoh, Grey your girlfriend's calling to see if you're okay. How sweeet is that! Hahahah!" Alex then jockingly said as he was annoying Grey.

"Ow shut up."Grey then suddenly remembers that he hasn't given his new contact info to Nick and the others." I forgot to tell you earlier, I already have a new phone my old phone was left in the park that night I think. I don't really know where I last left it so I asked someone to buy me new ones."

Kath's call already ended and he didn't ask anything else as she said goodnight to Nick and for the others as well.

"Did Kath tell you anything else?"Grey then asked.

"Nah I think she'll just tell you that in the morning." Nick replied.

"Okay then I'll give you my phone and so you can input your new ones."

They all then one by one gave Grey their phones so he can input his new contact info to their phones.

After a short while they then remembered what happened earlier.

"Hey Grey."Kyle said.

"Yeah?"he replied.

"You, reggie and the others are classmates right?" Kyle suddenly asked.


Kyle then added, "What you did there earlier was great. You comepletely ignored all of them! I know you guys are classmates but you should avoid them as much as possible."

"Ah I know, since we both have the same schedule we can always meet outside when your classes are done so you can avoid having contact with them." Nick suddenly said.

"Yeah I think you should do that and we'll join you guys after.

I think they're going to do something to you again." Philip worriedly said.

"He's jealousy towards you is just increasing as the time pass. Damn guy, just because Kath doesn't entertain him, he lash out his frustation at you," Alex said while shacking his head in disappoinment.

"Poor guy hahaha,"Kyle said sarcastically.


"Those bastard think they're better than us. Fuck them!"

"So what are we going to do to them, should we get them beaten up like Grey last time?–" "No. We can't risk it! Kath's birthday is close and we may not get to her birthday then."

"I'll think of something. They all should just wait. Damn shits, they're learning how to fight back now huh. We'll just show them that they shouldn't dare mess with us!"

Reggie's face suddenly brighten up and put on an ominous smile. 

Kath's birthday is near. What will sort of thing will happen then? Will this occassion be a joyous one with all of them be just enjoying or will they see something interesting and make the birthday even more exciting. 

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