Chapter 6 – Flocking bird brains

Yesterday were pretty stressful. Everyone were all tired and were still lying in their beds. Kyle and Alex's beds are both at the top bunk while Grey and Philip's are placed below them. Nick's bed is the only one that's separated and is placed parallel to Philip's bed.

Their room were pretty big since it fits all five of them.They have a little space for a living and dining area while their desk are placed near the window. They also have a nice bathroom.

Their room was actually the only one like that in the west wing. It was built differently from the other rooms because it was for the west wing dormitory head. Whenever you become a dormitory head you will need to transfer to this large room.

The first one to actually wake up was Nick. Nick is like their older brother who is the most mature between all of them. He is always looking out for each of them.

"Ugh, I really need to exercise more. My body was about to surrender yesterday."

"Nick you can
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Jasmin Diokno
Interesting story it really made me look forward to the next chapter

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