Chapter 8 – Lilac grounds(2)

They all then greeted Sebastian in return. All of them had a long conversation and after a short while Sebastian then proceeded with his work with Grey while Nick and the others explored the other areas.

Grey and Sebastian checked the new building being made that was handled by his other company, Calle M group. The building being done was a news establishment solely meant for the exclusive area for the premium members only. Grey checked some papers and was taught by Sebastian some other things. They didn't take too much time with it since Grey had learned some knowlesge about this kind of thing with his grandfather in the past.

Now that we're all done here you are free from any further work. You can enjoy the rest of your stay with your friends. I'll arrange a reservation for you and your friends a room in the the spring castle at the second level area for you to have lunch–"

"No it's okay, we'll be having lunch at the Nidelle Taylor's restaurant at the middle a
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