Chapter 9 – Party start

While inside the car Grey was pondering over the car that they had taken. He sensed some familiarity and then suddenly said," Ahhh, that's right!"

The other guys just looked at him suprised.

"I just remembered, this is the same car I was riding when you guys saw me at the entrance of the mall days ago." he said.

"Hahaha yeah, you were so anxious when you saw us when you exit the car." the others replied.

"I guess well buy our clothes there too." they also added.

They arrived at the entrance of the mall. Many people were looking at them since there were two rolls royce infront of them.

"There's too many people here. Let's go further away before going out." Kyle said.

Grey then asked the guard who was driving their car,"Hey driver, what's your name?"

"It's Diego Young master." the guard joyously answered.

"So Diego can you move the car a few blocks away so we won't get swamped when we enter the mall later? Can you do that
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