Chapter 10 – some cards

After twenty minutes they arrived at the entrance of the Lilac grounds. The place was brimming with lights as they walk towards the reception building. It was really beautiful with the moon shining bright and steady. Even the garden alongside the pathway was serene.

"Wow it's.. it's even more beautiful here at night!"Grey said as he was filled with amazement.

"Yeah!"Alex said as his eyes were shining with delight.

"Oh I hope we'll never run into problems tonight and just enjoy Kath's birthday," Kyle said as he was perplexed.

Almost at the entrance they walked, a man in his forties bumped onto one person in their group as he was rushing himself to enter.

"Agh. Watch where your going uncle." he said as he fell to the ground.

"Oh sorry sorry." he said as he rushed to the the receptions and leave."I'm sorry again, I'm just in a rush!"he said as he went to the door leading to the parking lot.

All of them were pa
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Daniel Garrant
book I'm reading is a mirror image of this book. secret rich man
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Daniel Garrant
probably never see another chapter. but pretty sure it's same books I'm reading now.
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Maureen Deratas
more chapter plz

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