Chapter 11– inside the Blue plate

"Woah this room is enormous! I think almost a hundred people can fit in here", Kyle murmured to himself.

"There's so many tables and so many people I don't know here."Alex said. 

"Ofcourse you woudn't know these people since it's not even your party." Philip said sarcastically.

The others just smiled as they laughed quietly so they wouldn't disturb the other guests. As they were walking inside, all the attention of the people was then shifted to them.

"Okaaay, why are they all staring at us?", Alex quietly asked his friends.

"Just keep walking, don't mind them." Nana said.

"Who are those guys..."

"Why are they late.. geez.. Do they think they're special?"

"They're even lucky enough to be invited to this dinner and more than that it's the Blue plate and they dare to show up late. Oh my –..."

People were tattling like crazy as if Grey and his friends were not there. 

"Wow look at all those poor pathetic people, they

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