Chapter 12 – toliet incident

"Ow she's here, should we go?", Nick asked quietly.

The others then just nodded.

A short while after Alex then said after, " Ow right we should've followed Melissa and Nana earlier. Haha, it slipped my mind."

"Okay then, let us give our gifts and say hi to her. She'll be very surpised about what we bought for her.", Nick said while standing up.

"Wait a sec. You guys go on ahead, I'll go to the toilet first. I'll head there after.", Grey said.

He then replied, "Okay then lets–"

Kyle then quickly said, "Wait I'll go to the toilet too."

"What, you as well?", Alex said.

"I've been holding it since we got here but mow I can't hold it anymore.", Kyle added. "I'll come with. I really need to pee."

"Okay then, we'll just wait for both of you; we're not in a rush.", Grey said as he was leaving.

"Hey wait for me!"

Both of them then went out. They asked the restaurant staff where the toilet was and then th

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Very nice book ,well written and interesting!!!just chapters and coins are priced

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