Chapter 14 – Spring castle

Grey's phone then suddenly rang. He recieved a text message from his butler, Sebastian.

"Ahh I got a message from Sebastian." Grey said.

Kyle immediately said, "Sebastian? Your butler? I think he must've known we were kicked out from the restaurant."

"It's from Mr. Harris, Young master?", one of the guards said.

"Ah yes, I've actually reported back to him what happened tonight here at blue plate. He informed every guards at the area to inform him about what is happening that might have to do with you Young master." he added.

"He must've needed you for something." Nick quickly replied.

"I don't really know."Grey replied.

"Maybe he just wants to eat with you since we got kicked out before we even got to eat?" Phil said.

"He's telling me to meet with him at the Spring castle. Well, we got kicked out so we might go to Spring castle since we still have time before the after party at Nine's bar starts." Grey responded.

"Let's go?"

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