Chapter 7: Witch's Spell

Crystal’s POV

“Mate” Maya shouted in panic.

“What happened Maya?” I asked in confusion.

“Mate. Hurry up. Go near Mate.” She kept repeating the ‘mate’ word until we reach the packhouse. And the moment I saw guards were about to touch Vince so that they could take him to the dungeon. I couldn’t stop myself from calling him as the word—Mate. I thought Vince might believe that I‘m Royal and the only daughter of the Werewolves King, Alpha Logan Miller Knight, after hearing my conversion with his father, but he didn’t.

In fact, he freaked out with the thought of getting caught.

“Mate. Mate is nervous. Make him feel good. Maya said in an excited tone. I know my naughty wolf and her motive that where her thoughts were going.

“But I don’t know how to do that?”

“Say something nice and romantic.” She counselled. And truth to be told, I didn’t know what to say.

“You are a fantastic warrior.” I said after thinking for a while I could hear that my wolf was mad at me for saying something lik
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Comments (6)
goodnovel comment avatar
Debra Cooley
Oh my, I love this story
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose Petals
sounds like Andrew has the spell cast. Andrew's handy work
goodnovel comment avatar
Cynthia Kenoras
Ohhh!!! Yes !!! And they both get the right mate …Vince is to nice for that alpha h*re … he deserves someone like Crystal for sure .....

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