Chapter 15: Marked

Author Note: Heat is a natural phenomenon. It only happens to female werewolves who have met their fated partner but have yet mated with him. Her wolf looks for her partner, basically. So,

this basically happens when any she-wolf hadn’t sex with his partner. During this period, the she-wolf's scent changed to something sweet because of this all the unmated wolves get attracted to her.

Vince’s POV

I had no idea how to reduce her pain. Even the pack hospital is not close, otherwise, I would have brought natural medicine that suppressed most of the effects. Now, her wolf wants her mate or some other male to fulfil her desire. I was not about to let another man touch her. I would kill before I let that happen.

“Vince...please” She cried as she bent her head backwards and gazed up at me with innocent but lust-filled eyes.

I groaned again. I couldn’t last long when she looked at me like that after all, I‘m also a human.

“I can’t be the one to do this, Crystal,” I said because I w
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