Chapter 184

“Well, isn’t this beautiful.” Mom’s hum of appreciation pulled me from my tumultuous thoughts, and my failing search for some fragment of information in regard to the ancient Bulls.

With the wedding planned for tomorrow and not a single new idea on how to rid myself of the White Bull, I’d officially run out of options.

Speaking to Aidan’s sisters had helped cleared my conscious some but had done nothing to ease the guilt and grief that hovered over me like a looming cloud.

Tomorrow, I’d be fighting two battles, one mental and the other physical. It was a disaster waiting to happen, but I’d never utter the words aloud. Instead, I planned to fight—with every fiber of my being, I’d fight.

Mom padded over from behind a cluster of stacks, over to the wooden table I stood hunched over. When I felt a tap to the center of my back, I straightened up and met her concerned eyes.

She’d been worrying more and more lately, both about Zack and me. It had taken quite some time and a healthy dose of r
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ok getting sick of her being mad at him. He didn't have to tell you anything about him knowing. you want trust then you should have told him the truth you are the one wrong so calm TF down
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Alexis Madison Weakley
I am done with this author.
goodnovel comment avatar
Wow, there have been a lot of updates here Jane. Lots of cliff hangers

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