Chapter 185

He knew. This entire time, he knew.

The moment I saw the picture and the sickening heat of embarrassment and betrayal gripped my throat; all reason had been tossed out the window.

It didn’t matter that he’d been nothing more than the Game Master at the time, or that I’d been clueless about my true role in all of this.

All that mattered was that he lied—he pretended not to know when the truth of what I’d done was crushing me alive, tainting every moment we had together.

I’d resisted him and the pull of the mate-bond because of what I’d done, but not only did he not care that I’d murdered his brother—his last remaining family member, but he knew this whole time.

For the duration of my short life, I’d always been quick to anger, but this was different.

Instead of a raging inferno that boiled the blood in my veins and made my skin flush with heat, I was swallowed whole by the very presence I’d been fighting for two weeks, consumed by the hatred it injected into my thoughts.

The White Bull
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poor thing, I hope she feels better soon. terrible timing lol, but what can you do, life happens
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Feel better. I have been there.
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I think she has to take her books off of other platforms due to her contract with GN, but it sounds like she wants to post her more popular books, such as Iridian and Asher, on K****e when they are finished

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