Chapter 187

Free falling into the very abyss I spent weeks running from wasn’t wrought with fear or anguish like I’d expected.

It was peaceful. A slow decline into oblivion—into pure nothingness, with only Rayna’s steadying gaze to ground me.

It wasn’t instinct that led me to reach towards her, but the same unearthly voice which had sung to me the only resolution in my fight with the White Bull. Rayna met me halfway, stretching until the muscles in her neck grew taut and her snout grazed my fingertips. That small touch was all it took.

As Rayna vanished, the last thing I saw was the love in her eyes, even brighter than the sun itself.

In that moment, the darkness imploded.

Waves and waves of billowing colors surrounded me, thrashing, and melting into one another to form a writhing cocoon around my body. Within each color was a memory, a fragment of the love that fueled my light and strengthened my soul.

A wriggling sliver of the brightest violet I’d ever seen held Adley’s smiling face, her ocean-
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Collette Seving
I thought either Aiden or a baby...
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it appears i missed a comment "trolling" my opinion and just thought id share that i also am intrigued and still excited for more! shes a great writer with lots of talent. sorry the last bit was confusing for you but yep, it appears others were as well so nope you werent only one. stay super ...
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autumn..and your opinion on someones elses comment is SUPER AWESOME. keep doing big things. ... she got angry. the white bull took its chance in that. she had a breakthrough of character development and it allowed the black bull to appear for her and offer her something. stay tuned on what it will b

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