Chapter 188

The glow pulsating beneath my skin carried a gentle warmth that smoothed over the harsh edges of my panic, bringing clarity and strength.

No longer was I locked within a vortex of my memories, staring at a rippling image of myself, Apollo, and Dain.

I could feel everything.

For a fraction of a second, time remained frozen. It was Dain’s startled inhale that set things in motion again, followed by a flash of joyous surprise that crested across his eyes like the last woes of a shooting star.

“Rachel, your eyes…” He sputtered, his voice raspy and overflowing with awe. His knuckles drifted across my jaw, igniting my skin despite the feather-soft nature of his touch. Blood dribbled down his chin, tracing the veins along his neck. “…h—how did you…”

I gnashed my teeth together hard enough to crack a few, but that was the only way I could think to brace myself as I slid my hand from Dain’s chest cavity. Moving swiftly, yet with enough caution not to damage his body further, I retracted my cla
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Nel Clarke
Unclear whether she gave Dain all her magic, leaving her… powerless?
goodnovel comment avatar
Kelsie Goble
Oh how I love this story so much!!! I'm ecstatic that she was able to save him! ...
goodnovel comment avatar
that was actually a really good chapter

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