Chapter 190

The promise he wove in between each syllable was steeped in darkness, wrapped in a strength I wasn’t sure I wanted to fight. When my shoulders slumped in defeat, he trailed his fingertips over the skin of my lower back.

His eyes twinkled and voice grew dangerously low when he said, “…good girl.”

I wasn’t prepared for the rush of euphoria that tickled my stomach and made my head feel light and airy. On any other occasion, I would’ve narrowed my eyes and replied with a snarky comment I knew would garner a reaction, but it was different now that I could feel his emotions.

Each one was a star dangling in the night sky. Some were larger and burned much brighter than others, but all were important.

As the blush staining my face deepened, adoration swelled in his chest.

Countless times I wondered why he stared so intensely, spearing me with his eyes as he refrained from blinking. It had been unsettling at first, and then infuriating. Now, I understood. From the very beginning, he was memoriz
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goodnovel comment avatar
Can she mark him already and get this booked wrapped up please.
goodnovel comment avatar
This is amazing!!!! Will she let him mark her? And if they both fell in love with each other , who won the wager?

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