Chapter 191

The meaning of his words rang in my head like a symphony of bells, familiar yet the voice that spoke them felt unreachable. I couldn’t remember where I’d heard those words before, but vividly I relived the final moments I spent with the White Bull, along with the words I spoke before casting it out.

“It was my choice to throw the White Bull out, that’s how I did it.” I murmured to myself, glancing up in time to see Dain’s lack of reaction to my realization. It didn’t surprise me that he already knew, not in the slightest. “If I’m so strong, then why did it take me this long to get rid of it? Why couldn’t I just choose to throw it out at any time?”

“That’s a question only you can answer, as it’s different for us all. I couldn’t let go of my need for vengeance, just as Apollo couldn’t face the atrocities he’d committed and the lives he’d claimed. In the end, he helped me let go of enough rage to free myself. I like to think my forgiveness for his hand in my family’s deaths is what freed
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Debbie Proffer
Ohhh good question
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Debbie Proffer
Yes yes yes let him mark you
goodnovel comment avatar
wait so who won their game? did Dain win cause Rachel marked him first? or is Dain professing his love for her here so Rachel won? there sure is a lot of emotion happening for neither of them to be in love yet.

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