Chapter 202

Helios looked exactly as he had the first time I set eyes on him, back when Iridian was nothing more than a dangerous game.

His skin was still a rich shade of bronze, deeply tanned despite the fact that he spent most of his time within the castle walls. It made his golden locks and cerulean eyes stand out, especially when paired with his color-shifting suit.

The lapels were a startling shade of blue, the same color one might see when looking up at a clear sky. It seemed the rest of his suit didn’t get the memo, because from the shoulders down, the colors seemed to fade. His suit jacket was dappled with greying clouds drifted across his abdomen, darkening even further as they reached his waistline. As I tore my eyes away from his suit, a jagged shard of lightning carved through the air.

Though Helios didn’t look any different, there was something off about him. Perhaps, it was the way he carried himself, the tenseness in his shoulders and rigid set of his jaw. It made sense given we we
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Awesome chapter!! I really loved it!!

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