Chapter 203

A gust of warm magic flared to life in my chest, and I threaded it into my voice, imbuing it with confidence and affection. As I looked down at my golden-haired warrior, I smiled.

“Yes, Helios. I accept your pledge.”

I could see and feel the joy that exploded from him. It blazed beneath his copper skin, making it shimmer like gold plated diamonds. His eyes turned to brilliant sapphires, flaring to life with the power and heat of the sun. Just when I thought he’d burst into flame, he stood. The smile that tugged at his lips was genuine, so full of happiness that I found myself smiling back, my cheeks aching from how wide it grew.

“There’s just one thing left, my Queen. If you’d give me your hand, we can finish the ceremony and hurry to your wedding before Dain starts prowling the castle for us both.” He chuckled deeply, holding out one of his calloused hands.

Without hesitation, I placed my hand in his. He flipped it over so that my palm was facing upwards. I watched as the nail on his
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goodnovel comment avatar
Himitsu Lee
Helios part was so beautiful, literally made me tear. I hope nothing happens to him i hope nothing happens to him
goodnovel comment avatar
Himitsu Lee
If helios dies… heart wont able to take it
goodnovel comment avatar
Roxann Mitchell
beautiful. mesmerizing

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