Chapter 204

The ceremony itself was a blur color and sounds, with both Dain and my family at the center. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t keep my attention on one singular thing.

Every so often my eyes would dart from Dain’s face to where my parents and Zack stood. Seconds ticked away, melting into minutes that only steepened the edge I felt I was about to plummet off of.

Apollo, who was surprisingly enough, the officiant of the wedding, droned on and on about eternal love and how lucky Dain was to have finally found it within my arms. I had to give it to him, he was quite the actor. When he stepped beneath the arch of fire lilies and glittering crystals, his suit a vibrant shade of oranges and yellows, I could see why Dain had chosen him to lead the ceremony.

His bronze eyes glittered with genuine happiness for his friend, and his words were filled with a passion that actually managed to snag my attention for a moment or two. The veracious tone of his voice had the crowd murmuring eagerly. Even Ca
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Beautiful chapter x
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Himitsu Lee
Omg…omg….please no one dies please

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