Chapter 206

“Did you just say Thatcher?” I blurted, my voice echoing in the eerie silence.

I couldn’t help it, I had to ask. No one else was speaking up. Not Nadia, whose head swiveled in Antonio’s direction like it was mounted on a metal rod, nor Callum, who had his murderous stare fixated on Dain alone.

This had to be the gift the black bull was talking about, but there was still something troubling my mind. Why would the bull think I’d have a hard time letting go of Antonio?

I had a strong feeling that Callum didn’t give two shits who Antonio was. The only thing he was interested in was murdering his brother.

There wasn’t a chance in hell I forgot about Dain’s little magic trick with the crowd, especially considering illusion magic was Callum’s specialty. I wondered if that was the secret plan he’d been working on all these weeks. Suddenly, him asking for my trust made sense.

“Is that what I said?” Dain hummed, rubbing his jaw thoughtfully. Then, as he lost his battle with the smirk curving hi
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Thank you for explaining about the families again!! loving how this is playing out!!

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