Chapter 207

Before the warning bells embedded in my head could begin the haunting symphony that would let me know something was amiss, I was airborne.

One of Nadia’s pets had lunged for me, the one with the split skull and milky white eyes. It was fast, faster than any werewolf I’d ever seen. Even Helios barely managed to intercept it in time, but somehow, he did. After all, it was his dagger, gilded and speckled with gold, which protruded from the creature’s throat. Helios held strong, his suit melting away in a flash of light to be replaced with glittering armor.

I knew the salty scent of the ocean thickening around me, clotting in my mouth until my tongue went sandpaper dry, was Nadia’s doing—that she had been the one to hurl me across the throne room. She’d swatted me away like a fly and watched in utter satisfaction as I tumbled to the ground, sliding across the cracked marble as pieces of fractured stone scraped at my skin.

The stinging pain that prickled my body was unimportant. What littl
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