Chapter 208

Selfishly, I tried to call on Helios, to summon him to my side like I’d been told I could. It was what he would’ve wanted, it was why we completed the bond in the first place. The issue was that no one told me how to do it.

There was a sense of awareness that settled over me, followed by a wave of understanding that told me Helios was very much alive. He was feeling it too, a subtle tug that let him know I was still here. I concentrated on my golden-haired warrior harder, imagining him as a sword sheathed at my side, ready to be used at moment’s notice.

I felt that tug turn into a harsh pull, but there was no smile of victory on my face, because the milky-eyed creature at the end of the hall let out a blood-curdling wail and charged.

I’d never been afraid of horror movies, not with their make-shift gore and fake blood. The knowledge that the creepy monster on the television screen wasn’t actually real was enough to smother any fear I might’ve felt. As I scrambled to get away from the
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goodnovel comment avatar
Aiden is absolutely right! Rachel has to let him go and also let go of the guilt because I think that’s what’s keeping her from ending Nadia once and for all!!
goodnovel comment avatar
I knew it would be Aiden, still doesn't make me cry any less. I'm officially a blubbering mess. ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Ok I have no more tears. She already was mad he died and now she has to let him go again.

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