Trapped by Miss Billionaire
Trapped by Miss Billionaire
Author: Dreamer Queen


Toronto, Canada

May 2022


The girl lifted her chin high. The red lipstick covered her cynical smile which then turned into laughter. Her laughter echoed in the corner of the hospital room. As if feeling victorious, relieved, free. But, there was something that seemed to grab her eyes which made them water now.

"Tch!" She wiped her face roughly. "What are these tears for?" Her chest was shaking violently as if out of sync with her brain.

Shouldn't she be happy?

The man who had made her suffer all these years, look at that man ... he is lying weak on top of the hospital ward, isn't that what he deserves?

"I've even had it for a long time."

The woman continued to monologue. She continues to justify her actions, but to whom? She only spoke to herself. Is she trying to kid herself?

"Anna ...," shouted a woman from quite a distance. She walked fast, ran a little until she arrived in front of the woman whose name she had just called.


A slap landed on the cheek of the woman named Anna.

"You ...." The woman who had just arrived looked angry. She pointed at Anna's face with her trembling index finger.

"What have you done to my husband, huh?" said the woman in a trembling voice. Anna didn't answer. She was just silent with a flat face looking at the woman in front of her. 

"Answer me, Anna!" Snapped at the woman, but Anna still didn't pay attention until the woman pushed Anna's body.

"You bitch! At first, you seduced my husband, then you told him to be your servant and now you want to kill him? You are less than a slut-"

The woman's words stopped when Anna managed to hold her hand that had been attacking Anna.

"Awh ...." The woman winced in pain when she felt her wrists hurt so badly because Anna was holding them too hard.

"You ...." Now, Anna began to open her mouth. The woman looked up. At once, her body trembled when her eyes met Anna's dark eyes. 

The woman fell silent. Even her mind shuddered with horror when those eyes reminded hers of something.

"You -and your husband deserve this punishment. It's not even that much."

"Wh -what? What do you mean?" Said the woman.

"I'll remind you of something. January 27, 2010."

"You insane, Awh!" The woman grimaced again when Anna suddenly turned her hands behind her back.

"Remember that date," said Anna right in front of her ear. The woman frowned. January 27, 2010? That was more than ten years ago. What's up with that date?

"Church altar, wedding dress," continued Anna.

At once, the woman shuddered in horror at Anna's words. Her body seemed to be frozen and her soul seemed to leave her body at the moment.

"Hello, Luna. 'Kamu ingat aku?" Said Anna in Indonesian. She tried to remind Luna through Indonesian sentences, 'Do you remember me?'

"Impossible ... " The woman named Luna shook her head. "Ca-Cana ... Nad," Her lips trembled and made her stutter suddenly.

"You and Marvin, you've been happy enough for ten years." Anna pulled Luna's hand over her back then pushed Luna's body forward so that the woman's body now hit the wall of the building. Anna put her lips close to Luna's ear and said, "Get ready, your destruction starts from now, on."

Anna threw Luna's hand. Luna winced even as she fell to her knees. Her eyes were right in front of Anna's red high heels.

"She can't be Nadia. Nadia's body isn't like hers," Luna thought in disbelief. Her subconscious refused to believe the words of the woman in front of her, but, her instincts even agreed that the woman in front of him had the same gaze as Nadia.

"Luna ...," called Anna again. She lowered her head then grabbed Luna's head and grabbed her hair making Luna forced to look up.

"I just want to take mine. Mine that you once stole. This may sound difficult but calm down, I have prepared a lot of ammunition and this time I will not lose."

"You're not Nadia. Nadia wouldn't be like this."

"Yes ... Nadia you know is dead. The one standing in front of you is Anna Smith. Remember her name is A-N-N-A." She spelled her name by emphasizing each sentence. "Anna. Anna Smith." Anna was getting stronger pulling Luna's hair.

"You think you've won just because of your body shape? You think my husband will be interested even though you have changed you? Tch ...." Luna spat out roughly.

Anna chuckles cynically saw Luna's behavior. "Of course he's interested. He even knelt and kissed my feet," replied Anna.

Luna laughed out loud. "What kind of nonsense is that, huh?!" She sneers.

"At least you can see bruises all over your husband's body every time he returns to your house," said Anna.

Luna fell silent again. Her memory revolves around an incident where she once found her husband's body covered with whip marks.

"Hahahahaha ...." Anna laughed again when she saw Luna's face turned pale. "Oh my ... I even remember very well how his muscles twitched behind the post with that tied body. He shouted my name when he reached his climax." Anna raised her face as her laughter intensified.

"No way ...." Luna just kept shaking her head. She certainly understands very well the bruises all over her husband's chest. There were even some whip marks on other parts of his body.

"You know, he likes the flogger the most. So I continue to put a mark on his body," said Anna again.

"You're sick," said Luna. Tears suddenly burst out of her eyes.

"Yes ... I'm sick, you're right." Anna walked quickly towards Luna who had just stood up from the floor. She pushed back the woman's body making her back hit the wall again.

"Shit!" Luna grimaced again.

"Do you know how much I suffered? How did my mental fall on my wedding day and my future husband leave me just for the sake of a bitch like you? I ...." Anna pointed at her chest roughly.

"I couldn't even lift my head at that time. People ridiculed me. They cursed me for just my weight and started arguing about my weight with a marriage that turned into a disaster. You think I'll forget all that?" Anna shook her head. 

"I am depressed. Suffered and locked up for so many years in a mental hospital do you think I will forgive you?" Shouted Anna. She then shook her head again.

"Anna, you're not human."

"Yes. I'm not human. My human being was killed twelve years ago and who is now standing in front of you is a demon who is ready to take you- and your husband to hell." Anna pushed Luna's body roughly then turned her knees.

"Damn you, Canadia Smith ..." Luna screamed very strongly.


This is Canadia Smith's story. 30-year-old woman. "Pretty Savage" was the nickname she earned in her world. A girl with a strong ambition for revenge. An innocent girl who turned into a demon just because of past trauma. This is the story of Canadia Smith, who prefers to be called Miss Anna. The woman who acts becomes dominant and becomes obsessed with her new hobbies after psychiatric rehabilitation.

Making friends with years of suffering makes her a woman without feelings. She is smart yet cold. Thirst for power. Arrogant and control freak. All these nicknames were pinned behind her name, but, any man who saw her wanted to have her because of her greek goddess shape with a face that seemed to be perfectly chiseled.

No one knows what Canadia passed before she became Anna Smith. But, amid her efforts to take revenge, without realizing it, shortly, her love story will soon begin.

This is Canadia Smith's life process. A woman who has a dark side who is only waiting for someone who can get the monster out of her ambition. This is not an ordinary love story where a girl meets a man and falls in love, gets married, and lives happily. This is about the story of a girl who lost her love but tried to get it back even though, no one knows if she will succeed in getting it.

This is the tragic love story of Anna, Marvin, and Luna that takes a lot of emotions in it. If you are looking for a romantic love story with sweet spices, this is not the place. But, if you want to be patient with Anna, and get into this story, then there will be a guarantee that you will be happy in the future.


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