3 - Wanna Taste Me?

     The beat of the high heels echoed on the homepage of Toronto's largest tech company, The Ace Enterprise Technology Inc, which is home to countless start-up companies that have grown to all corners of the globe.

     This is where Anna Smith stepped gallantly, raising her chin high.  The maroon-colored dress that clung to her tightly made all pairs of eyes seem reluctant to just blink their eyes.  White skin that seemed to call her opponent to taste it immediately.  Her long legs tease and make her opponent curious, how good it will be to be flanked by those two legs.

    Thick red lipstick seems to be her favorite make-up to add a sexy impression to her face.  She was still wearing her favorite sunglasses as her body seemed to move slowly through the company lobby to an elevator that seemed too far away to her.

    "Wow ...." The men muttered in awe of the angelic appearance of this Brunette woman.

    "Jeez ...."

     She seemed to shine and forced all eyes to adore her.  The tip of her lips that sometimes makes a cynical smile that even becomes a grin adds to her appeal.

    "Miss Anna Smith for CEO of The Ace."  The red lips said to a receptionist who was standing beside the elevator.  She was a blonde-haired woman in a woman's suit.  She ignored what Anna said and instead was busy paying attention to Anna's appearance.

    Anna scratched her nose briefly, then her index finger lowered her dark glasses over her nose. Her eyes were busy looking for the woman's identification.  "Oh, Mary Bennett, right?"  said Anna.

    "Oh, yes. I'm sorry," said Marry. She shook her head.  Anna's voice was able to break the struggle with her thoughts about the girl who was standing in front of her.

    "Have you never seen a beautiful girl before?" said Anna again.  Marry gave her a cynical gaze while mentally cursing what she had just done.

    "Mr. Baldwin is waiting for you, his office is on the 20th floor," said Marry.

    Anna was still silent in front of the reception desk until Marry had to be willing to turn her face to Anna again, even though she really didn't want to do it.

    "Pssttt ...," said Anna.  Marry glanced and found Anna moving her head.  She pointed to the elevator with a glance of her eyes as a sign that Anna asked Mary to press the button for her.

    "What—?"  Marry couldn't continue her sentence.  She looks in Anna's eyes was like a command that had to be fulfilled immediately.  The girl suddenly stepped out of her desk for a moment and turned to the elevator and pressed the up arrow button.

    "Thank you, Marry," said Anna with a smile that made Mary even more intimidated.

    "Bitches!" murmured Marry when the elevator doors closed and Anna's face was no longer in front of her.

     Anna is in the elevator right now. She pulled out the black outwear that only covered her shoulders and back. She looked ahead at the glass door of the elevator that was taking her up to the 20th floor.

    "You're so fucking pretty, Anna Smith." She made monologues while praising her appearance.

     The elevator doors opened and Anna walked out of it.

     "Miss Smith."  A girl came back to Anna. Her clothes were different from the girl in the lobby.  She is a little fashionable although not as cute as Anna Smith. She walked over to Anna, half looked down, and then she stretched out her hand to grab the outwear that was wearing Anna.  "Mr. Baldwin is waiting for you. You can come right in," said the woman.

    Anna just nodded her head and then her feet began to step into a large wooden door that rose from the floor to the top.  Anna knocked briefly before her body made it through the large door.

    A middle-aged man was sitting on his rocking chair while his eyes were fixed on the monitor screen in front of him.

     "Ehem ...." Anna cleared her throat and made the man flinch.

    "Oh hi, Miss Smith."  The man turned away.  At once, he stood up and fixed his tie.  He turned around, smiling as Anna started to walk toward him.

    "I doubt that I have intruded on your precious time, Mr. Baldwin," said Anna.  The steps are getting closer.

    "Ah ...." The man smiled.  He walked out of his chair and stopped right in front of his desk when Anna was there.  "How could my client say such a thing."

    Anna chuckled softly.  Suddenly, Mr.  Baldwin seemed to freeze when he saw the smile on Anna's red lips.

    "Anna Smith," Anna stretched out her hand and was immediately greeted by Mr. Baldwin.

    "Oh ...." Mr. Baldwin got goosebumps.  Anna's hands seemed to be running electricity that hit his veins making him shudder with amusement.  "Ah, yeah. Have a seat. Ehem!"  Mr.  Baldwin looked away from Anna.  He exhaled heavily while shaking his head.

   Mr.  Baldwin pointed to a long sofa in the middle of his office where cocktails were also available on the table.  Anna sat there she took her leg so that the cleavage next to her thigh was exposed and made Mr.  Baldwin swallowed his saliva.

   "Ehem ...." Mr.  Baldwin cleared his throat again.  Suddenly his blood seemed to be on fire, making his heart pump fast.

   "Sorry Mr. Baldwin, it looks like my secretary will be late. She is on her way here, but her journey is hampered because there are roadworks around Jhon. Avenue," said Anna.

   "Ah, never mind. We can wait for her. Want some wine?" said Mr.  Smith.

   "I prefer cocktails, Mr. Smith," said Anna.

   Mr.  Baldwin smiled.  He nodded for a moment then grabbed a bottle that said Martini and poured it into a shot then gave it to Anna.

   Anna had to give a small bow to reach the shot.  Something plastered under Anna's dress, which was not covered by a cloth.  That success made Mr.  Baldwin swallowed hard.  Something else he felt down there.

   "Mr. Baldwin, would you mind if we started a conversation about what to do together?"  asked Anna.  Her red lips looked so delicious tasting that liquor.

   "Of course not, Mrs. Smith. But, for that, I need to look again at your company profile. Given your company which is unique because you want to move in a field that not many people know."

   "Mr. Baldwin, do you mind if I tell you why I started the company?"  said Anna. She put the empty shot on the table while Mr.  Baldwin still followed her with his eyes.

   "Please Miss Smith," said Mr.  Baldwin.

   "So, at first I just wanted to channel my hobby as a writer. I'm not a professional writer and I never had an academic background in literacy and writing. I just wrote for self-healing. Then I thought about creating a website so people can read my writing, maybe they're also interested in the method I use to do self-healing. Unexpectedly, many people even comment that they have many ideas to develop through a book. They hope that one day someone will facilitate many people so they can write stories, ideas, thoughts, and even their creativity through writing. So, I asked my friend who is now my assistant, Kim Mijung to establish a small technology company that will develop an application that can facilitate many people to start writing and creating works. Confuse a lot of things like entering n a manuscript at the publishing company. They just need to express their ideas and let the people judge and decide whether their work is worthy of being marketed," said Anna at length.

   Mr.  Baldwin nodded.  At least, he had gotten an idea of ​​their cooperation from the originator of the company.  However, the one thing that was starting to get on his nerves was that he couldn't stop staring at Anna.  Something that had been peeking through the dress that Anna was wearing made her sit even more restless.

   "Well, I want to talk further but, this office is very uncomfortable for casual talk," said Mr.  Smith.

   Anna grinned in her heart.  The devil in his heart came out with his chin high and said, "You got it, Anna Smith."

    Anna cleared her throat while putting on an innocent face. "Then is there any place more comfortable than your very large office, Mr. Baldwin?"  asked Anna.  She changed her sitting position by taking turns on her feet.

   "There is a lounge on the 51st floor. Outside windows with a nice view, are you going there?"  invite Mr.  Baldwin.

   Anna didn't answer.  She immediately stood up but her eyes did not want to let go of Mr.  Baldwin.

   "Mr. Baldwin," called Anna in a seductive voice.

   Mr.  Baldwin gave an amused shiver again.  He was getting louder and in a moment he might explode.

   "What ... on that floor, isn't there anyone?"

    Mr. Baldwin held his breath for a moment.  Anna's question seemed to be a whip for his that could wake his young soul.

   "Do I also have to give all my career off?"  said Mr.  Baldwin.

   Anna chuckled.  "I just don't want them to hear my screams, or ...." Anna lowered her head and stared at Mr.  Baldwin.  "Shout for you, Mr. Baldwin."

   Mr.  Baldwin swallowed hard.  He was at the craziest point of his life.  No girl could make him endure this anxiety.  As usual, the women would kneel at his feet begging him to strip them immediately but, this time, in front of Anna Smith, Mr.  Baldwin must be willing to endure the torture caused by Anna's feromone.

   "Anna Smith,"

   "Mr. Baldwin,"

   Mr.  Baldwin hurriedly led Anna into a special elevator from inside his office.  The elevator was moving quickly leading them to the rooftop where Mr.  Baldwin can fulfill his desire for Anna Smith.

    "Huh ...." Mr.  Baldwin took a deep breath followed by shaking his head and shoulders.  No matter what happened to him at this time, he couldn't stop his naughty mind that wanted Anna completely.

   While standing there, Anna too casually put the red wine on her lips while her right hand was busy shaking the cocktail in the shot.

   'What the fuck, I'm thinking about!' grumble Mr. Baldwin.  He looked at Anna from a distance.  Anna was on the outside balcony, her gaze fixed on the view of Toronto.  The wind that passed at least made her dress run a little away leaving her skin and it would be the most beautiful sight in the eyes of Anderson Baldwin.

   "Ehem ...." The man cleared his throat again. He clearing his throat seems to be his new hobby since meeting Anna this morning.  He walked over to Anna.  Around Anna's back body while his eyes were fixed on Anna's lower body.

   "The scenery is beautiful, right?" Said Anna.

   "Huh?" Mr.  Baldwin was suddenly confused.  Of course, for him, the scenery just now was so beautiful.  "Yes, of course. Do you like that?" said Baldwin.  He was standing beside Anna.

   "Can I have it?"  said Anna. She still kept looking straight ahead.

   "You want to have it? Then you have to fight to get it," said Baldwin.

Slowly, Anna started moving her knees.  At once, she turned around until his body was right facing the man beside her.

  "I'm working on it," said Anna.

Baldwin swallowed again.  He almost lost control and was about to grab Anna's hips and then crush the mound of meat wrapped in red lipstick, but, Anna turned her face again.  "Damned!"  thought Baldwin grumpily.

Who knows what happened to Anderson Baldwin, he simply couldn't touch the girl in front of him. This is not Baldwin's style.  Usually, the girls couldn't stand just sniffing his masculine perfume.  But, what happened to Anna?  Doesn't she understand the codes Baldwin gave him?  Should he wait any longer?

"Anna ...," said Baldwin.  This time his voice grew bigger because he really couldn't take it anymore.  Anna glanced slightly at Baldwin.  "Wanna making love with me?"  he said.  Baldwin hesitated a little, but he couldn't hold his lips any longer.  And anyway, what happened to Baldwin?  He should say —I wanna fuck you, harder!— Why was he so gentle this time that even those words seemed to ask Anna's approval.

A few seconds seemed long to Anderson Baldwin because Anna never answered his question.  Anna instead turned her face again.  She's even chuckling now.  Anna shook her head and continued laughing.

"I don't make love, Mr. Baldwin."  Anna turned around. She turned.  One more glance at Baldwin then her feet stole a step so that her face could be closer to the billionaire who would become her company's biggest sponsor.  "I fuck — harder."

Baldwin held his breath.  He didn't expect those words to come out on Anna's sweet lips.

Anna turned around quickly.  Her long legs walked into Baldwin's penthouse.

"Geez ... I'm so fucking crazy!"  Baldwin slapped the iron backing on the outside very hard.  His heart was still beating fast and now he was getting frustrated.  He rushed after Anna inside.

He saw Anna staring at the painting in the living room.  One hand was folded in front of her chest while the other hand was still busy turning the shot glass.  Baldwin was surprised that Anna didn't get drunk.  Well, she kept pouring martinis into her jug, the alcohol in the drink should have given her a reaction.

"Anna ...." Baldwin said to Anna.  He couldn't take it anymore and immediately grabbed Anna's body.  He hugged her from behind and his lips landed on Anna's long neck.

Baldwin stayed like that for a while because Anna didn't seem to mind.  Anna let Baldwin's hands wrap around her tiny hips.

"Mr. Baldwin,"

"Leave it like this, Anna. Just a moment. I really can't take it anymore."

Anna took a breath and then quickly exhaled. She let go of Baldwin's hand and turned around.  Anna looked at Baldwin who was staring at her sadly.

"We can do it anytime," said Anna.  She took her last drink and put the empty shot on the nightstand under the painting and then she shifted her hand to sling Baldwin's shoulder.  "It's just that I have my way of doing it," continued Anna.

"Can't we just do it now?" said Anderson.  His heart started to freeze as his eyes remained fixed on Anna's red lips two inches in front of him.

"I don't do it anywhere other than my house, Mr. Baldwin."

"Is this place uncomfortable enough for you?"  Baldwin grabbed Anna's pointed chin and kissed her lightly.  The hair on her neck stood up as his nose caught the fragrance of the woman who was hugging him.

"As I said, Mr. Baldwin, I only do it at my house and that means I'm very comfortable there."

"Huh ..." Anderson snorted again.  For the first time in the billionaire's life, he felt helpless and it was only because of a woman named, Anna Smith.  "Then, let's go over there. For God's sake, Anna ... you're driving me crazy."

"Then get over it quickly."

Anderson Baldwin looked up.  He stared at Hazel's challenging and teasing eyes.

"Finish?"  said Baldwin.

Anna nodded.  "Hemm ... finish our formal business and let's go have fun," said Anna.

Baldwin smiled.  A second later his cell phone rang.  Rose's name was written on his cellphone.  Rose is Baldwin's assistant.  He glanced at Anna for a moment and then Anna motioned for him to immediately pick up the phone, but, Baldwin too couldn't hold back his lust.  He turned Anna's body and then pulled her along with himself.  They both landed on the sofa with Baldwin holding Anna on his thigh.  Anna laughed with amusement, she pinched Baldwin's nose with exasperation.

"Hello," said Baldwin.  He couldn't take his eyes off Anna.  Anna is getting more adept at teasing Baldwin by raising her legs and then cradling her on his lap.  Her mischievous fingers running around Baldwin's face made Baldwin let out a low his as he closed his eyes.

"Mr. Baldwin, Miss Anna's secretary is waiting downstairs. Shall I send her in?"  said the voice on the other side of the line.

"Ah ... Rose, please take care of the file. Give my signature and stamp there," said Baldwin.

"Huh, eh?"  Rose's words were cut short.  Looks like she was a little surprised by what her boss just said.  "Are you sure, Sir? Shouldn't you have checked the file first?"

"Am I paying you to oppose my decision?" said Baldwin.  He still closed his eyes.  Anna's touch was so comfortable that he couldn't lift his eyelids.

"Forgive my indiscretion, Sir. I will take care of the files-"

"Bullshit!"  Baldwin threw his phone in random directions.  He didn't need to wait for his secretary to finish speaking to be able to turn off the telephone line.  "The formal work is done. Now, let's get the informal work." Baldwin said.

Anna laughed.  Gradually her laughter grew stronger, making Baldwin lose his mind.  He lifted Anna's body and then slammed her on the soft sofa.  He couldn't wait any longer.  Anna had already sparked the fire and burned his blood, making his rustle violently.

"Anna ...," said Baldwin again.  His body is directly above Anna.  His face was so close and his lips were right in front of Anna's tiny lips.

"Mr. Baldwin please do it hard," said Anna.

"I'll give you a number one through ten. Of all those numbers, how much do I have to slap you in there?"  Asked Baldwin.  The threat sounded so sweet to Anna's ears.

"Eleven," answered Anna.  Baldwin smiled.  He was getting throbbing and too ready for Anna.  "But, you also have to accept when I do it two times harsher than you," continued Anna.

"Then, let's do it."  Baldwin prepared to cup Anna's clothes but Anna held his hand.

"I said, I don't do it anywhere other than my house," said Anna.

"Tsk!"  Baldwin chuckled in annoyance.  Anna then pushed Baldwin's body lightly.  He sat down.  Then Anna opened her legs and sat on top of Baldwin.  Baldwin took a breath, he then grabbed Anna's hair when he felt that her actions had tormented him too much.  Anna sighed as her hair was pulled tightly.  Then she laughed.

"You have a broad chest, Anderson," said Anna.  Baldwin cupped his face enjoying the touch of Anna's fingers dancing around his lips.

"Anna, can you just kill me?"  said Baldwin.  He held back Anna's hand movements.  Closing his eyes he started counting Anna's fingers.  A second later Baldwin put Anna's index finger into his mouth.

"Anderson," Anna called.

"Do it, Anna, do whatever you want. I don't care anymore."

"How much do you want to hit me?"  asked Anna.  Baldwin took Anna's finger from his lips then turned to kiss her hand.

"I don't know, Anna. I can't think of anything now."

Anna moved her legs making her touch something too hard down there.  Anderson suddenly screamed.  Anna's actions tormented him even more.

"Are you willing to do anything for me?"

"Yes, Anna. Do you want money? Tell me how much you want."

Anna smiled wryly.  "You seem to underestimate me, Anderson. I don't need your money, you can even cancel this project."

Baldwin suddenly rolled his eyes.  He awoke from his wild fantasy.  Shocked and withdrew.  He held Anna's back as he pulled his back from the back of the sofa.

"That's not what I mean, Anna."  Baldwin gave Anna an anxious look.  He then grabbed Anna's hair and played with it.

Anna looked at Baldwin.  Her finger moved to caress Baldwin's chin.  She was tickled because the short beard tickled her fine fingers.

"You have a wife, Anderson. You only think of me as your entertainment,"

"No, Anna-"

"I don't mind, Anderson. I'm fully aware and I understand. I'm not asking you to leave your wife, either."

"Then tell me what to do. For God's sake, Anna. I can't bear to tear your clothes."

"Will you ..." Anna looked at Baldwin.  Baldwin stared at Anna, impatient to hear the continuation of her sentence.  "Will you kneel at my feet?"

Baldwin frowned.  He hoped that he had heard it wrong, but his ears and brain were recording Anna's words just now.

What does it mean?  did she get Anderson Baldwin on her knees?  Seriously?  Doesn't she know who Anderson Baldwin is?  He is Anderson Baldwin, the richest and most famous businessman in Canada.  Who is Anna Smith who dared make Baldwin kneel?

"Are you crazy?"  said Baldwin.

Anna nodded.

"Tch ...." Anderson looked away.

"So you don't want to?"  asked Anna.

"Not. Who do you think you are, huh? How dare a bitch as you tell me to kneel?!" said Baldwin.  His gaze began to change to Anna.  The desire that added to Anna's body slowly faded.

"Really? Tsk ... tsk ... tsk."  Anna lifted her legs from Anderson's lap.  She smoothed her dress then grabbed the bag on the table and reached into her phone there.

"Hello, Mijung?"  said Anna. She glanced back at Baldwin who was still looking uneasy back there.  "Yes, how's the file?"

"She already signed," said Mijung.  Anna said nothing more and immediately turned off the line.

Anna turned and walked back to Anderson. She sat beside Anderson.  Her hands form her elbows to support her face.  Anderson looked away when he saw Anna's face right in front of him.

"I'm just kidding," said Anna.

Baldwin suddenly looked away.  He snorted in annoyance.  "You think it's a joke?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Baldwin," said Anna.

"You're making me lose my hormones," complained Baldwin.  He squeezed his nose while lowering his head.

"I'll be waiting for you at my house, tonight," said Anna. She stood up and grabbed her bag.  She was about to leave but turned back to look at Baldwin for a moment and then said, "That's if you still want me," continued Anna.

Anna rolled her knees. She walked slowly away from the billionaire's luxurious penthouse without any doubts, guilt, or feelings that could weigh her down.

"Anna belongs to Anna," muttered Anna. She grabbed her sunglasses.  Walk confidently toward the elevator.

While inside the penthouse, Anderson Baldwin was in chaos.  He grabbed his hair because his head wouldn't stop thinking about Anna.  Anna had insulted him enough.  If she thought it was a joke, she had tested Baldwin's patience enough from the moment she knocked on her door.

"Anna Smith, I'll sign for you."

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