Our kiss continued without either of us being able to stop it. The longing for each other seemed endless. I felt so beautiful in his arms. His lips on mine and his velvety tongue caressing mine so greedily.

I never wanted it to end. I wanted him so much. My whole being was so thirsty for him. None of us took the first step to stop our kiss. And he continued…, and he continued.

At some point, we heard whistles, teasing, and applause around us.

"Good enough" was heard from someone. I understood that he would be a teenager. "Please, continue." someone else said, and I hear laughter.

Oh my god, what a shame. I hid my face in the curve of his neck.

"Please, make them go," I whispered to Eric.

"Don't worry," he replied, and immediately afterward, I heard him try to disperse the crowd. I do not know how many there were. I did not dare to raise my head and see. The shame I felt was riveting me, and I did not want them to see my face.


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