Portia greeted the detective's assistant with a cheerful "Chao" and left the office. She got in the elevator that would take her to the ground floor. By the time she found and took her cell phone out of her vast, messy bag, she had already left the apartment building. He stood there in a corner and made the phone call he wanted.

"Paul? I have amazing news. I found where our little runaway has been hiding for so long. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure that it's her house or her new boyfriend, and that's something we need to find out."

At the other end of the call, Paul remained speechless.

"Wait a minute! What did you say? Did Marianne find a boyfriend? "

"Pff, what did you think? That she would mourn the deceased for a long time? "

Paul got angry. "Come on, close your mouth, little snake."

"Yeah, right. When you were fucking this snake, was it okay?"

"Anyway, Portia, let's not start this discussion now. You know very well tha

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