Portia and Paul were sitting facing each other with a cup of hot coffee in front of them.

They had approached their heads and were talking almost in whispers because, of course, they did not want anyone to hear them make plans to hurt other people.

Portia explained what he needed to do, ensuring that everything will go well and that the plan will work correctly. All this had become her obsession.

"And it should be done in that way so Eric – I think that his name- sees you okay. Besides, that is the whole point." Portia pointed out to him, "to make him believe that is a big slut, so he will hate her and never want to see her again. He will break with her once and for all. And that will allow you to make her yours again. Isn't that what you want? To marry her so that you can have the inheritance that her aunt will give her? And as far as I can remember, it's big money."

"Yes, I want that. That's what I always wanted. And after I got her inheritance in m

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