Chapter 4

'Why did you shift?', she asked, trying to change the subject.

'I hit bob. He got mad and threatened us with his friends. This time even mom was scared because she knows his friends are much shadier. So, we ran that night itself'

'But what about the mortgage? Our home?', she asked.

'Didn't you get that from your PI?'

'No. Like I said I don't dig your closet full of skeletons'

'Haha funny'

I thought about that night and what followed. Our home was the only thing we owned. It was built by our grandparents from our Mother's side. We never met them. They died when Mom was pregnant with Sophie. We never knew our Father. Mom said he left us when I was a 3 months old baby. We believed her, there is nothing to contradict it. After Bob threatened us, we left the home. We stayed in the next city not far from our old one. We don't have money to go far. We thought it was better to hide near while he was left searching for other states.

We must start all over again this time along with rent. Mom being mom left the job. She became a downright alcoholic. I was shuffling, waitressing, studying, street fighting. Street fighting helped, the fights taking place were illegal, but it got me money. I used to lose every fight in the beginning. It took time to build my stamina and then I started winning. Sometimes bread and milk were the only things left when bills have been paid.

Thoughts of selling our home would come to my mind but the mortgage stopped me from doing it. Then when I was 18 mom had an accident. I always thought she would die because of alcohol consumption, I proved right but the consumption was done by the other driver. She died at the spot whereas the other one hardly had a scratch. He was a well-known businessman and doesn't want the media to catch this, so he gave me money. I never regretted taking it. I should be but I don't.

The bigger surprise came in the form of insurance for my mom’s death. Between insurance money and money from the other Driver I paid the mortgage and sold the house online. I wasn't sure to go there alone in case Bob was still lurking. That money helped me pay all the debts and have enough left in my account to start elsewhere

I came to New York, the big city in search of a job. I don't want to stay anywhere near my old home anymore. It was hard at first, what with me being 18 completing just high school. I don't want to go to University yet because I just came out of all my debts. I don't want to insert myself in loan payments again. Then one day when I was crossing a road, I saw an old man on the road clutching his heart. No one cared enough to stop.

I ran to him and said, 'hold on. I will take you to the hospital. Just hold on'

I called a taxi and took him to a nearby hospital not trusting an ambulance in New York traffic.

Thankfully the doctor took him to the emergency ward as soon as we came.

'Doctor, how is he now?', I asked the doctor blocking him from leaving the theatre. It's been 4 hours. No one is giving me any information. I could have left but just want to make sure he is alright first.

'Are you his kin?', he asked

Kin? Who says that anymore?

'No. I brought him to the hospital. I'm his friend’s daughter', I said improvised.

'Well, he had a severe heart attack. If it weren't for getting treated at that time he would have died. So young lady you should be proud of yourself. You just saved his life'

I blushed. Normally it won't come easy to me, but praise of any kind makes me blush.

'Can I talk to him?'

'Maybe tomorrow. He is resting right now'


I went to the hospital the next day with fruits even though I should be out searching for a job. When I entered his room he said, ' you must be the girl who saved my life'

'I just brought you to the hospital, nothing big. Anyone would have done it.'

'Not anyone. Do you know who I'm?'

'Are you in the mob?'

'Huh? Why would you ask that?'

'Your question'


'Not everyone would help others without even knowing their name'

'I didn't think like that. I just saw an old man fighting for breath'

'Who are you calling old?'

I stared panicked looking everywhere but at him. He laughed and said, 'caught you'

'What can I do for you? I don't want to say thanks and forget it. I value my life more than that. Anything you want most now?', he asked.

I thought about it, I don't want his money. It doesn't feel right taking money. Instead, I asked, 'I'm searching for a job. Do you know about any interviews?' I asked even though I know the answer, what would an old man know about interviews for a job.

'What are your qualifications?'

'Umm. High school graduate'

'That's it? What's your age’?

'I'm 18. But I completed 3 months secretary course'

'Hmm. Not much to work with'

My shoulders dropped. What was I hoping from here?

'It's ok. Leave it. I just wanted to make sure you are fine. Have a nice day. Next time take someone with you when you go outside. At best your mobile at hand. Take care. Bye'

As I was leaving, he said, ' wait'

I turned and he said, 'I know about an interview in Sinclair enterprises.'

'Sinclair enterprises?'

'Why? What happened?'

'Nothing. It's just that it's a huge corporation and I'm not sure I'm cut out for that.'

'You never know until you tried', he said.

'Ok. I will give it a try. Thanks'

Even though I was not confident I took that old man's advice and went to the interview. Wonder if wonders I got selected. Now it's been 3 years of me working for Sinclair enterprises.

Coming out of my reverie I talked about what happened to mom, her accident, how I sold the home and paid the bills.

As I said this I glanced at my watch, ' oh my god, I'm late'

It's 2:15 pm now. Dragon is going to kill me.

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