Chapter 6

My eyes landed on a man turned towards the view of New York. Glass walls cover the entire side of the room. He is talking on mobile unaware of me. I'm too far away to distinguish what he is saying. I took this time to watch the room. My entire flat can fit in this one room, it's that big. Two sets of couches are aligned on both sides of me. On my left side, there is a coffee table littered with documents. I can see his desk which looks so pristine, I'm afraid to think about what happens when some coffee is spilled.

As I took notice of the room, Mr. Sinclair turned around and caught sight of me. My breath hitches, standing in front of me is the most handsome man I ever saw. Not that I haven't seen many. In New York, you can find every other block a handsome guy. I couldn't pull my eyes away from him, there is something more to him than just being handsome. Maybe it's his position, he knows how powerful he is and wielded that power into his persona.

He is 6.3' or 6.4' in height. I can see his biceps flexing as he changes mobile to another ear. He is not bulky like rock nor thin like a swimmer. He is just right. I never thought a beard would go well with a suit, but he pulls it off. It's like his small rebellion against being suit perfect.

My eyes finally connect with his, which are grey, and are looking at me with a pretty disinterest glare to it. Why can't I get an amused smile like in all sexy office novels I read? I landed on planet earth with lightning speed at that glare. Bye-bye future Sinclair babies, mama will miss you.

He ended his call and gave me his undivided attention. My mind flustered being focused on those grey eyes. I don't know why, but that look reminds me of Christian Gray, and I want to purr saying ‘Yes sir'. My face heats up showing my thoughts. I cross my fingers that Mr. Sinclair won't pick up on my thoughts, that would be the icing on my cake after that glare.

'Are you going to stare all day?', he said irritated.

'I'm sorry.' Not exactly, but don't say that.

'I'm Erica Anderson. I was informed to report here', I clarified to him.

'Tell me, Ms. Anderson, how old are you?'

'I don't think it's relevant', I said wondering where he was going with this.

'Let me decide whether it's relevant or not ', he started letting me know there is no room for argument.

'21 Mr. Sinclair'

'And what are your qualifications?'

'I'm working for 3 years in this corporation and before that'

He cut before I could finish my sentence by saying,' I'm asking your qualifications Ms. Anderson, not your work experience, surely you may know the difference'

I grit my teeth, so as not to snub his arrogance.

'I know the difference very clearly Mr. Sinclair. You would have known if you had let me finish', I said with small defiance slipping from me.

He arched his eyebrow letting me know he caught me.

I continued my earlier sentence, ' and before that, I had finished a secretary course, after my high school'

, I mumbled, at last, knowing now where he led me.

'So, what you are saying is, you are a high school graduate with no work experience before this, is it correct?'

'Yes Mr. Sinclair'

'How did you get this job? Can you repeat it?’, he questioned his jaw flexing.

I didn't say before but realized not questioning him is probably for the best right now.

'I attended an interview'

'And this interview, how did you get to know about it? did you see it advertised somewhere?', he drawled, clearly letting me know what he thought about this interview.

'An old man told me about it', I said to my hands.

'Interesting. Again, how, may I ask you, an old man to know about this so-called interview?'

'I don't know, at that time I didn't question it', it would be like staring at a gift horse in the mouth, I thought, but don't say it out loud.

'Then let me clarify it for you, Ms. Anderson. Your old man is none other than Henry William Sinclair, one of the board members of this corporation, my Grandfather. Now Ms. Anderson, what connection does an old man, as you put it, has with you?'

'I don't understand. He is a board member? I don't know’, I said, my eyes bulging at that little titbit.

'I'm getting tired of your nonchalant answers', he sighed as if talking with me is taxing.

'Let me rephrase it, what kind of relationship do you have with my grandfather?'

'What kind of question is that?’, disgusted he can even ask a question like that.

'Is it not natural Ms. Anderson? When a helpless old guy lands a career for a young girl?'

'No Mr. Sinclair, it's not. I helped him when he collapsed on the side of the road. I checked him into the nearby hospital. He asked me for help. I didn't even know his name; how could I have known his position in this corporation?'

He arched his eyebrow again, as if not believing me. That eyebrow and I are going to have a serious conversation if this continues.

'Well, you sure left him with an impression that he created a position just for you'

My face must be red right now, what with suppressing my anger. Then I recalled how easy it had been at the interview, how my workload was always light except for these couple of months. Does it mean what he is saying is true? Oh god, it's like I ripped from an old man. I don't like that feeling.

'I don't know what to say, Mr. Sinclair. I walked into this corporation knowing I earned it through my interview. I wouldn't have taken it otherwise’, I said truthfully. A whole lot of good it did with his next statement.

' I could fire you right now Ms. Anderson’, he stated oh so calmly. I tensed realizing my situation.

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