Chapter 7

'On what grounds, Mr. Sinclair?', I asked tentatively, all attitude gone.

'I said I could, not would Ms. Anderson. Though I can say, we are cutting our most incompetent employees'

Indirectly implying that I'm incompetent. I bristled at this suggestion.

'You couldn't do that. I never gave any reason to. I'm competent. I always stay late. I complete the work given to me.'

'Exactly that Ms. Anderson, the work given to you, which is not much'

'It's not my fault I wasn't given much', I answered.

'But it would be mine if I don't rectify this situation', he stated firmly.

'What are you trying to say, Mr. Sinclair?'

'I'm not trying but stating the fact that you are on my payroll with nothing much to do. And I don't like that, at all.'

'Are you going to fire me?', I questioned directly, tired of the footsie we are playing here.

'No Ms. Anderson'

'Then what?', I stared at him expectantly to no avail. One thing I foun

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