Chapter 54

‘No!!’, my scream was joined by another male one. Rose looked surprised at the blood coming from her. The bullet was lodged near her heart. I could feel her life force slipping. What a waste! A Life is driven by greed and envy. Though I didn’t agree with her choices, I didn’t want this for her. I wanted justice, yes, but this feels... cheated.

I looked at the guy who was the cause of this mess and was shocked to see his facial characteristics. He is by no doubt Raphael’s half-brother. His jawline... his nose...his hair... They look like Raphael, only younger. How could Diana sleep with him, knowing he resembles Raphael? That was one twisted mind I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

He knelt beside Rose, gingerly holding his hand, ‘Oh Rose, I’m sorry’, silent tears can be seen leaking from his eyes.

‘I knew... you were always ...a poor...shot’, Rose joked with her last breath.

Even though

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