Chapter 55

‘I... but doctor, how is that possible?’

‘Are you asking me the basics Ms. Anderson?’, he asked playfully.

‘What? Of course not. What I mean is... doctor it’s... it’s actually only been a month since I entered a relationship. You see what I’m getting at?’, I asked hopefully with my cheeks blushing red, hinting at a probable malfunction in the scanning report.

‘My dear, if I can be blunt, all it takes is only one time done at the right moment. And you are six weeks pregnant from what I can see in the reports’

‘But... how? Six weeks?’

Please ask again, I want to have a nice laugh, my inner d said sarcastically.

‘Well, many new would-be mothers’ get confused the first time. The counting starts from your last period, not from the date the sperm enters your body’.

‘Oh...ok’, I mentally cringed, visualizing the scientific side.

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