Chapter 60

Two days have passed since I cut our ties.

Despite telling him no, I was suffering from a lassitude, a vagueness, that prevented me from doing anything more energetic and profitable than wandering the streets of New York listlessly. A strenuous exercise may help, but my body was not obeying my commands. What I need is, I decided fretfully, something to take my mind off Raphael Sinclair.

Remind me why are we doing this again? Asked my inner diva.

Self-respect, I gritted out.

It must be nice sleeping with that self-respect, my inner self said sarcasm dripping from her voice.

Decide which side you are before sprouting your nonsense.

Can I say, peace? My inner b queried.

There was nothing dramatically changing in my life once I said no. No light pointed out whether I have done the right thing or not. No mini-Raphael’s asking, ‘Why did you leave daddy, mommy?’ In the dreams. All the same, I felt lonely. Sometimes I questi

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