My feet seem to move by themselves and before I knew it, I was standing behind her. Scanning over the contents on the pages I felt my body react. Clearing my throat, I look away and she jumps in response, a soft shriek escaping her lips.


"Sensei!" Her face goes blank and she snapped the book shut. The cover catches my eye and I smile as realization sets in.

"So that's what you read in school, Ms. Winters?" She glares at me before looking away.

"So what? These books are prohibited so I found a way to read them without disturbing anyone." her voice as she spoke seem to lose pitch and drift off at the end. Ah, so she can be cute too.

"I see. Is that what you're always reading?" I ask as I move to stand in front of her. As though on guard she moves her feet from the ledge turning to face me tucking the book in the satchel at her feet.

"No." She looks away again as a slight flus

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