Following our eventful morning, I leave her in the classroom to go collect the attendance form from the office. And as scripted, someone was due to disturb my peaceful journey.

"What do you want Jon?"

"You seemed in high spirits so I thought I'd annoy you just a bit." I roll my eyes, ignoring him and continued walking.

"I swear you are the definition of a pain in the ass." He chuckles, making me frown. This guy is too weird.

"So, was that the chairman’s car I saw leaving as I was coming through the gate?"

"I wouldn't doubt it. He came by to welcome me apparently."

"Hmm... he came personally? What's the old man planning now?" His voice was low but I could still make out enough of what he said and I stopped in my tracks.

"What do you mean? You know something don't you?" He grins, putting his hands up in surrender.

"I know nothing, my friend."

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