The cicadas sing to the full moon as I stir, unable to completely fall asleep. I’d forgotten how beautifully annoying these things were. Even with jet lag falling asleep is difficult. Hmm... that’s not a cicada. Stirring again, I reached my phone as the screen lit up, my ringtone blaring into the silent room. It’s after Three AM right now...

“... who the hell is calling at this...” Oh. My annoyance crumbles and a smile plasters across my face at the caller ID.

“Kon'nichiwa...” Her chuckle stirring a heat I’d no doubt be unable to sedate for a long time. Groaning, I roll off my futon, moving to open the door to the garden; the sliding sound filling the now silent room.

“Oyasumi, Yu-Chan...” Smiling like a clown, I run my hands through my hair at her voice.

“I want to hold you very much right now A-Tan.” She falls silent and my heart tightens at the sniffle that passes through the phone.

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