A soft knock at the door draws my attention to the door and I get up from the veranda before opening it and welcoming the young man who enters.

“Good morning Sakamoto-Sama.”

“Good morning.” He smiles slightly and bows, placing a prepared suit on the divider.

“Master Yamada asks for your appearance this morning Sakamoto-Sama...” I sigh, cutting him off and he stares at me panicked.

“You know, Sama makes me feel really old. Knowing your personality, you won’t stop calling me that, but can you refrain when it's just us?” He stares at me dumbfounded, his eyes searching mine.

“Of course... er...”

“Just Yuzuki is fine.” I smile and he returns it nodding.

“Yes, sir... I mean, Yuzuki.” He busies himself setting out the small tables and chairs and putting away the futon as I move behind the divider to change.

“Can I ask you a question?” I ask peeping over the divider.

“... of course...” I smile as he hesitates. So, it’s either honorifics

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