Two years. Two years, three months and a week. That’s how much time has passed. Thirteen hours till the sky falls. Till Perseids descend. Seven days since I last spoke to him. From what I understand, according to Miya-Chan, something seemed to have gone wrong and Yuzuki’s the only one who can fix it so he’s been extremely busy. Still…

“... at least message…” I mutter, my eyes trailing along the floor as I walk.

“Huh? Did you say something?” Looking up from my feet, I meet August’s confused gaze.

How’d he do it? How did he survive without his lover for so long? Talking and video calls are all great and all but, there’s something missing. I miss his touch.

“Nah.” I replied, sighing.

“Hmm, okay.” Following behind him, we exit the apartment build before getting in the car parked in front of us.

“Good morning Young Master and Master Ingram.” Emile bows with his greeting, opening the car

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