Exiting the plane, early morning dew coating the asfalt as I walked down the stairs towards the car waiting for me below.

“Welcome home, Yamada-Sama.” The man before me greets, bowing politely as he opens the door for me.

“It’s good to be back, David.” Smiling softly, he closes the door after I enter before getting into the passenger seat.

“As requested, a meeting has been set up with Mister Ingram for Nine-Thirty. Your Father and William insist you stop by afterwards for brunch.”

“These two men have way too much free time.” I sigh, smiling at the thought of them waiting for me.

“They’ve missed you.”

“You’d think they’d get tired of me after calling everyday for the past two plus years.” I groan and he chuckles softly, before handing me a tablet.

“Madam is on her way to the press conference and is accompanied by August-San.”

“I see. And the old man?”

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