Chapter 20

I have this strange sensation rush over me, blistering heat consumes every piece of skin. I feel like I am boiling from the inside out. Sweat coats my skin and my hair is saturated and stuck to my face. I am so hot I find it difficult to breathe, having to really focus on each breath I took forcing myself to breathe. Rolling over, I feel delirious, like I have been drugged as the entire room shakes violently around me.

I look toward the bed, but all three are still sound asleep. My mouth is so dry my tongue is sticking to the roof of my mouth. Getting on my hands and knees, I try to crawl to the bathroom. My knees getting stuck inside the oversized shirt making me fall forward with a thump.

My hands are glowing red, so hot I think my skin would melt off at any moment. I grit my teeth through the pain that is searing throughout my body from my head to my toes. My entire body becomes consumed with fiery heat. Using the end of the bed, I pull myself to my feet hanging on to the bedpost.
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goodnovel comment avatar
Yes whenever u meet your mate you will go into heat until they mate & mark u
goodnovel comment avatar
I think the heat gets worse too until they mate
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose SB
So was the drain heat because they are mates?

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