Chapter 24

I feel Matitus drape his arm over my shoulders, tugging me toward him as we follow Silas outside. We walk around to the doors and as soon as the doors open up, it blasts us with cold air. The harsh frosty air makes me shiver before I feel something heavy draped over my shoulders, making me look over my shoulder. I see Silas had draped a fur cloak over my shoulders. I grip it, tugging it closer. It was warm and thick. Silas then moved in front of me and tied a belt around my waist, holding the cloak closed. He then steps aside and motions for me to step out. I did. The wind hitting my face harshly and I feel a hood be placed over my head, not realising the cloak had one. They walked me around the castle grounds. Snow had blown in overnight leaving a dusting of snow on everything making it colder today.

Looking at the three of them I noticed none of them had coats on, Dragus was walking aroun

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Mag Cayou
they're all bipolar lol went from major choke out to playing around
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Bella Jersey
Hello Silas and no she wasn’t trying to k.ill herself

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