Chapter 26

Elora’s POV

Showering quickly, I get out and quickly chuck on a shirt and some knickers, waiting patiently for Abigail to come so I can warn her about the seer stones. So I can tell her to make sure she remains hidden on the day and to tell her family to go into hiding. I also didn’t want to stay in their room on the off chance my magic manifests tonight. I knew the chances were slim, but if they did, I was unaware of what to expect and if the change would be noticeable.

Around 7PM the door finally opened and in stepped Abigail with a tray of food. She smiled nervously at me and I jumped up, moving toward the door. I could tell she was trying to warn me as her eyes darted to mine full of alarm. After a second or two, I understood why she was so nervous when Silas walked in behind her. I mentally cursed and hoped he wouldn’t stay long. But when he went

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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
And she thinks the dragons won’t find out about her magic lol!! If she don’t tell them she should know it’s going to be another beating from Silas
goodnovel comment avatar
Gillian Heywood
it is getting very exciting and also very agreeable to read
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
The game has to change now

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