Chapter 27

My eyes throbbing in my head, making me scratch at the light as it becomes blinding and all I can focus on. The pulsing moves over my entire body, literally feeling every cell in my body pulsating to its own beat. The beating gets stronger and stronger and all-consuming before I feel a shudder that pains me. I bite into my arm to stop from screaming when suddenly I feel the beating getting stronger and stronger until it bursts out of me. The entire room blasted with light and I felt it vibrate throughout my body. I scream before suddenly it is muffled by a hand and I feel cool hands go over my mouth. Muffling my agonised scream until I feel it burn out and I collapse on the floor.

Waking up, I see Marian kneeling beside me. She brushes my hair from my face, smiling down at me softly.

“Marian?” I ask, confused. She

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Comments (11)
goodnovel comment avatar
Renee Kigoda
When are they going to have sex??!
goodnovel comment avatar
She’s the chosen one for sure now so they don’t have to round up the woman and besides Silas will check her for magic first probably
goodnovel comment avatar
Danielle Watson
Way too short of a chapter.. what a rip off

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