Chapter 28

I collapse when I see the aftermath of what was left of them, my legs going out from under me, and I realise that by saving one, I just signed their death warrants. If only I told him earlier or when Matitus checked on me last night, they may still be alive. Silas grips my arm forcing me to my feet and I avert my eyes. I couldn’t see those innocent girls like that, see the dead look on their faces with their throats ripped out. Silas drags me toward the castle, my feet barely able to keep moving as the doors open and I see Abigail standing in the corridor, tears running down her face at what happened outside. She knew they died because I saved her.

“Get to work” he snaps at her and Abigail and the cooks run off down the corridor. Silas drags me into the library. Matitus and Dragus follow us in before he lets me go and I crumble on the ground. Dragus comes over and kneels down

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Skye McLeod
Can they cost a little less this one is taking so long to unlock I’m thinking of deleting it
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QTeA Rameka
this chapter is the most gross amount of unnecessary slaughter which I can't fathom to how Lora allows herself to have a relationship at all with Silas
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Andreita Arte y fotografía
I have 24 points and need 25 ......

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