Ninety Eight

Elora’s POV

I remain in the room, the pain coming and going and I didn’t think I would make it down the stairs even if I wanted to.  Getting up, I head for the shower, the pain intensifying and now spreading around my entire lower belly. My mind only able to focus on the pain as I try and breathe through it as I clutch on to the taps, making me cry out as an agonised noise rips from my lips.

Silas walks in staring at me from next to the sink basin. “I am sending for them, hopefully they are already on the way” He says, and I nod. He walks out and I hear the door shut as the pain subsides and I get out again intending to go ask Silas to get Abbie.  Silas walking in, as I am trying to get my shirt on as pain has he me doubling over clutching onto the side of the bed to stop my legs from going out from under me.


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goodnovel comment avatar
divarita blitz
if she has the right to get angry at him then it goes the other way as well. if she would have hurt him or killed him especially holding their son she would have been no different from the past and her son and other mates would have reason to hate her
goodnovel comment avatar
divarita blitz
agreed every us just among him but she has her part too.
goodnovel comment avatar
tammy sanchez
poor Silas

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