Ninety Nine

Silas POV

I nearly ruined everything, and now I can’t face her. Too scared to even go near them so instead I go to the stables to finish the cradle Dragus had made. Putting another coat of lacquer on it, by the time the sun was up I was finished, and Peter was walking in to tend to the horses. Peter noticing me walks over to see what I am doing.

“Congrats daddio” He says smacking my back.

“Thanks” I tell him though I don’t know much else to say when I can’t even be in the same room as them.

“What’s up?” He asks.

“Nothing, can you grab the other end so we can put it out in the sun to kill the fumes” Peter nods walking to the other end and carefully grabbing. I could have carried it but was worried I would break it if

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Rose SB
loved that *stubborn woman.
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Ashley Millar
God I love Peter!!
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Jessica S
Great story

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