One Hundred

Elora’s POV

I hadn’t seen Silas since I gave birth, he had been avoiding me like the plague. Even to see his son, Matitus has always brought our baby to him then brought him back. He hasn’t been sleeping in the room, only in the cold room downstairs. Even when he and Dragus brought the cot in, he only came in while I was in the shower and left before I got out. It had been a week and I hadn’t laid eyes on him.

Getting ready for bed Dragus and Matitus passed out straight away, they had been doing all the night feeds using expressed milk. So tonight I decided I would do them, to let them get some sleep, not that I got much even when they were doing the feeds, I couldn’t sleep knowing he was awake, couldn’t stay asleep when I could hear him crying. Then the worst part was getting up panicked just to check he was still breathing, p

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QTeA Rameka
Silas is blessed with a divine ... and child
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Rose SB
Precious moment!
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Jennifer Hiatt
I kind of love Silas again! I love that Claire shocked him back to reality too! He needed that so badly, to realize his actions could have dire consequences. Great story!

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