Chapter 103

Elora POV

Around 12 o’clock I got dressed, slipping on a gown that Silas had laid out for me.

“Is there a reason I am getting this dressed up?” I ask when I see Silas come out of the walk-in in a suit making words escape me. Matitus and Dragus also stepping out in suits.

“Well you are our Queen and it is a formal function so that means the kings and Queen need to be dressed proper, you only have to wear it till after the ceremony, then you can put your tights back on” Matitus says.


“Yes Elora, this is a ceremony”

“What sort of ceremony?” when I see Darshan also dressed up as Dragus gets him from the cot.

“Well it is actually two ceremonies, one was a last minute decision”

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Comments (12)
goodnovel comment avatar
Latrachia Russey
I think Taylor should be held accountable for her part in Elora's kidnapping and the attack on the kingdom and city
goodnovel comment avatar
Keiran Martinez
Love the story - you might want to make a minor change of plagues (diseases) to plaques (signs).
goodnovel comment avatar
Tina Weldon
So beautiful! Love this book, don't want it to end!!

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