Elora POV

The next morning, I wake deciding to go have a shower while everyone is still asleep and finally be able to shave my goddamn legs. I quietly and gently climb over the limbs that were threatening to trap me in the bed before rushing to the bathroom and closing the door.

I turn the shower on and strip off before grabbing a razor from under the sink, the ring on my finger catching the light as I reach for the box. Grabbing the razor, I step in the shower wishing we had a bathtub in this house. I lather up my leg and start shaving, it felt like forever ago that I actually had the shower to myself and I enjoyed hogging all the water. I shave one leg before moving onto the other when I feel hands grip my hips as someone slides into the shower behind me, their erection pressing against my ass.

“I was enjoying being in here without having to share the water” I tell Silas as he pres

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They had no electricity and infrastructure for however many hundreds of years but now they have mobile phones.

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